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we record, mix and master

Producing recording sessions are a particular domain where space has to be made for creation.​

Nothing must come in the way of the musicians expression and The Mono Company takes everything in charge from the Scouting of the Hall, to the Master Delivery.

L'impératrice musique française


The latest album from the global sensation "L'Impératrice" has been entirely produced in Dolby Atmos, making it the first French Band to be produced in this groundbreaking format.

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we create new concepts and content

Our team is specialised in dealing with Audio and Visual concepts. From TV shows and Series to Cinema.

Working with top partners in the industry like ARTE, France TV, and other international stream and Broadcast services we cater to all types of productions needs.


Introducing modern bands/musicians to the craftsmanship and constraints of the original recordings of the 50s.


This is the challenge offered by the TV series "The One Mic Tales". An original Series created by Damien Quintard

One Mic. One Band. One Take.

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we broadcast and create live experiences
With years of experience in major events, The Mono Company is ready for the post-pandemic era and the renaissance of life and live events.


Sonar festival barcelona

The Mono Company has been co-producing the broadcast of this reference festival in Barcelona since 2018.​

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we advise, consult, create and share our knowledge
The art world is full of surprises, we make it easy for artists and entities to create emotional sonic experiences wherever they are in the world.


Moma Parreno Arca themonocompany Quintard

Philippe Parreno, MOMA NEW YORK.


This project gathered great artists like Arca, Oscar Winning Foley Artist Nicolas Becker and Philippe Parreno to create the installation that has New York buzzing with intrigue.

The Mono Company took care of the recording, mastering and general production workflow for this project.

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we design sounds and compose music
Years of recordings, tours and experimentation and the possibility of instant High Definition recordings makes The Mono Company a limitless sound design factory.
From Special FX to tailored ambiances for events, you say, we produce.


The inclusive project for the Deaf Community, led by Damien Quintard with his company Sound X, has benefited from the compositional expertise of The Mono Company for the introduction video of the technology.

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